Music in Movies

Here it is. Finally.

After more than a year of work on this, I can finally show it to you and I couldn’t be happier of the result. To give you a little bit of context, I’ve been a big fan of film music for years and I never really knew how to show my love for it until I started this project with one of my friends. She and I have the same vision of the use of music in movies so we teamed up, wrote a 15 page script, recorded it, and edited a 40 minute video essay about it. The video basically analyses the different ways you can use music in a movie. We added a bit of humor to make it enjoyable to watch and the narrator is a Lego character – what more do you want, right?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it. We’ve put a lot of effort into it and remember, it’s a video essay filled with our opinion on the mater so feel free to debate us on it.




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