A Tribute To Robin Williams

There are three people I have to thank in my life for making me so fluent in English. Two of them are my parents (thanks Mom, thanks Dad) and the third one is Robin Williams.

I discovered Robin Williams when I was about 14 years old. I already knew who he was but I didn’t know he was an actual stand-up comic. I couldn’t believe the fact that the genie from Aladdin was swearing on a stage in front of thousands of people. I remember watching the first 15 minutes of his show Weapons of Self Destruction and understanding nothing. I knew the English language pretty well, but I still had difficulty understanding a lot of it. So, I was watching the show and I was pissed off because everybody was laughing their ass off and I wasn’t. I made myself a goal that day, and that goal was to understand a Robin Williams show from start to finish.


After a couple of weeks, I started understanding him. The best way to start was to watch some of his movies because he wasn’t as fast in those than he was in his stand-up skits. Slowly but surely, it wasn’t until the end of that year that I arrived at my goal. However, it didn’t stop there. Robin planted a seed in me (that sounds wrong), and that seed was impressions. I always loved to do impressions but my love for them skyrocketed when I discovered this man’s work. It’s fair to say that he changed my life. Since then, I’ve been doing impressions everyday. Ask any of my friends and I can guarantee you that I’ve bored them at least 100 times with some of them.

I can’t blame my friends, most of my impressions are horrible but Robin has always had a huge influence on me. He’s made me laugh more than anybody else in my life and I have to thank him for my love of comedy. If you ever feel down, just watch a video of him on YouTube and I’m sure you’ll feel better afterwards.

“Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you’re making too much money.”

When I heard about Robin’s death, I was devastated.I know I sound dramatic, but it was like losing a friend and I couldn’t believe that my favorite comedian was dead. I won’t get into the tumultuous talk about the circumstances of his death but I’ll say this: we never gave the man a break and that’s what killed him. He was and always will be, the greatest comedian to have ever lived.

Here’s  a montage I made for him.

Rest in peace Robin, I miss you.



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