“It can’t be for nothing”


Video Game: The Last of Us (2013)

Developer: Naughty Dog

Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla

If the subject of video games was to emerge from a conversation with one of you, chances are that The Last of Us would be quickly brought up and discussed about. I’ve talked about this many times, but let me say it once more: The Last of Us is one the finest works of art in recent times. From it’s incredibly well-developed characters to its amazing music, this game is a fucking masterpiece. It’s the apex of story driven video games. I could go on for 3 other pages but I’d quickly digress so let me go back to the musical aspect.

Simply put, this game has an amazing soundtrack. In the documentary Grounded where they talk about the game’s development process, Naughty Dog’s creative director (Neil Druckmann) explained how they came to ask Gustavo Santaolalla to compose the music for the game. He explained that they had a music folder in which they had multiple songs from different artists to give the team a sense of what the game would feel like. They quickly noticed that a lot of these songs were composed by Gustavo Santaolalla. Rather than looking for a similar composer, they asked Santaolalla himself to which he said “yes” immediately. Trust me, that was a good call.

Santaolalla worked on the game’s soundtrack as soon as he got the script. He stated that the game’s theme of constant movement and the need to find shelter was something that inspired him a lot. His string based composition was perfect for the game’s atmosphere. Every note, every melody, every song is filled with so much emotion that I can guarantee you that you’ll remember this soundtrack whenever you feel the need to listen to something delicate as well as mesmerizing.

Some would say the whole soundtrack is a Gustavo Santaorgasm… Get it? Cause of his name. *Sigh* I’ll see myself out…

Interesting trivia: A photograph of Joel and his daughter can be seen multiple times throughout the game. In the photograph, Joel’s daughter is wearing an Argentina coloured football shirt. This is a nod to Gustavo Santaolalla who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Album Cover

The Last of Us (2013) - Gustavo Santaolalla




Album Highlights

Song: The Last of Us 

Song: The Choice 

Song: Returning 


Thanks for reading (and listening). See you next week!

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