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In short, Soundtracking is a blog dedicated to film/video game music. Every once in a while, I write about a soundtrack I think you should listen to. Let the eargasm begin.

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Eh oui, un autre court-métrage qui a pris plusieurs mois à compléter, mais le résultat final nous a rendus très heureux. Encore une fois, Jérémie Simard-Sigouin et… Suite ->

Music in Movies

Here it is. Finally. After more than a year of work on this, I can finally show it to you and I couldn’t be happier of the… Read more ->

The Thailand Project

First and foremost, let me give you a little bit of context before diving into the project itself. This summer, I traveled to Thailand for one month…. Read more ->

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I’m not a puzzle. Check out the projects as well as the blog and you’ll figure out who I am.

Je ne suis pas un casse-tête. Allez voir les projets ainsi que le blogue et vous découvrirez qui je suis.

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You know what to do. / Vous savez quoi faire.